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The GOOD Market

What people have said about the GOOD Markets

“It was really good...I’ve been to a few markets of this kind before in Liverpool and there was some stuff I had never seen.”


“It was great, really good to see the start of something new that celebrates local brands." 


“Such a lovely day and I came home with so many goodies! Thanks for today, it was such a good first market experience.”



Wanna be a part of it?

Are you a purpose-driven, sustainably-focused, independent looking for a place to trade with like like-minded artisans and businesses? 

Robyn Woodgate from Jostle Bakers said, “It was the best first market experience we could have hoped for!”

We are always looking for new indies to join us at our specialist, curated markets and have several dates to fill this autumn!

Please fill in our sign-up form here

The GOOD Market

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