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Wax Melt Burner Gift Set - Trio Burner - 3 Wax Melts

Behind the Brand

Amy, founder of Baylake Apothecary, loves to use the power of scents to transport her customers. They are able to set a mood, spark a memory, help you relax and make your home smell beautiful.

Each fragrance is carefully chosen, not just cause they smell amazing but because the bring back memories for the Baylake team. They pride themselves on making unique and rare aromas.

As a Good small business, Baylake Apothecary are dedicated to improving their sustainable practices. Soy wax is used in our wax melts. All packaging, from fluff in the gift boxes to the packets that the melts come in, is recyclable. All moulds used are silicone and equipment is reusable.

Baylake Apothecary uses all leftover wax to make smaller bars or individual wax melts to use in market display jars, leaving them with little to no waste. They even travel to all markets in an electric vehicle.

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Three badges that say; 'Female-led', 'Locally made', and 'Sustainable'
The perfect gift or self indulgence, our Hollywood Wax Melt Burner with your choice of 3 wax melts!

The Hollywood burner is the superstar of all burners, not only does it look amazing, but it actually allows you to enjoy 3 different scents in 1 burner!

It comes with a trio of dishes you can rotate, allowing you to change scents depending on the day, your mood, or if you have a fancy guest coming that you want to impress, simply swap out the dishes and add a cube of your favourite Bay Lake Apothecary wax melt!

We have two colours available, Grey and White, both are equally amazing and would be the perfect addition to any home!

You can then add a choice of 3 of our individual scents, each one with up to 72 hours burn time! Just leave a note when you place your order to let us know which ones you would like! like (***PLEASE NOTE*** if you don’t leave a note detailing which scents you would like, we will choose for you based on our most popular ones).

This is the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one and will leave your home smelling divine (to the envy of all your friends, family, neighbours, next door but ones dog, the window cleaner, the ice cream man... you get the idea!)

Scents to choose from are:

- Lime, Basil & Mandarin
- Cactus & Ocean Mist
- Mallow Krispie
- Himalayan Jasmine
- Black Peppercorn & Raspberry
- Ooooooooud
- Velvety Tahitian Vanilla
- Sweet Seattle Coffee
- Beverly Hills Chill
- White Tea & Cashmere
- French Lavender & Daisy
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