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Coffee & Bay Rum Scrub

Behind the Brand

Kim, founder of MÂ-RI, has built a brand on 25 years of experience in aromatherapy and a life-long passion for holistic healing.

MÂ-RI is a luxurious, natural, and holistic brand dedicated to producing high quality products to enhance your well-being. All products are handmade in small batches, providing an eco-conscious solution to elevate your daily rituals.

MÂ-RI commits to sustainability, using only environmentally friendly packaging and zero waste production practices.

Discover your ritual and nurture self-care.

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Two circle badges that say; 'Female-led' and 'Sustainable'

This delicious soap enriched with aromatic spices, is exactly what you would expect to find in this tantalising combination of fragrances. Your wake-up call. A warming blend of rum, nutmeg, vanilla, and bay. A lusty fragrance blend infused with freshly roasted coffee and ground beans, providing a most excellent exfoliant packed with age-fighting nutrients, helping to cleanse off dead skin layers, improve circulation, leaving your skin softer and younger-looking. A morning ritual to look forward to.

The distilled water used has been charged with crystal water frequencies, utilising the sacred geometry known to raise our vibrations.

What we love: The warm rich fragrance and soft smooth skin

A great choice: For a fresh start on busy days.

97% Natural ingredients, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Net weight: 4oz - 110g

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