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Behind the Brand

Nour, founder of Bleu Nour, hand pours each candle from a studio in London, using natural wax and the best oils sourced from France.

Nour uses her synesthesia to share a vision of smells, elaborating on unique scents and enabling others to see the smell of colours.

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Four badges that say; 'Female-led', 'Locally made', 'Sustainable', and 'Vegan'
Have you ever imagined what ashes and gold would smell like? We did it, and translated it into our Cendre et Or candle. Dark and intense, this extraordinary scent is made from notes of Damascus Rose, Oud, Cardamon and incense.
Ingredients: Vegetal wax, Botanical blend perfume oils
Weight: 230g - 7.7oz
Burning time: 55h
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