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Utopia - Tobacco & Oak Scented Candle

Behind the Brand

Hedonist is a self care brand born out of the pursuit of pleasure and adopt a person centric approach to self care.

They create and curate the best self care products to help customers unwind, relax and feel good about themselves.

​Hedonist believes that making time for 'self care moments' is essential and are passionate about being able to provide you with products to help you create these moments.

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Four circle badges that say; 'Gives back', 'Locally made', 'Sustainable', and 'Vegan'

Transport yourself to UTOPIA with this warm, aromatic blend of tobacco and oak. The warm spices and cognac add a sophisticated twist to this scent whilst incense and musk add just enough sweetness. The blend of ingredients in this candle merge to take you to an imagined high society. 

Scent Notes

Top: Sweet Tobacco
Heart: Warm Spices, Cognac
Base: Oak, Ebony, Incense and Musk

Hedonist candles come with dust covers made from seeds, so when the candle has been fully burned the dust cover can be planted in the candle vessel to grow a plant. Hedonist candles are Vegan, Cruelty Free, as well as hand poured in the UK.

Approx Burn Time: 60 Hours

Customer Review - 5* In love with the scented candles - they burn perfectly and the scent really fills the room. The burn time you get out of them is incredible for the price. Highly recommend Utopia if you like warmer, deeper scents. Will definitely be topping up with a new one soon! 

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